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12th July 2015

1:52am: Today, I met a young, beautiful, dark, Italian man, and I stuck my bare cock up his ass. He loved it.

22nd March 2014

4:59pm: Bookstore.

Not really a bookstore anymore, just theater and booths (one charge for all, no dollars to drop). Cheaper to get in, which is cool.

One daddy type was wandering around, looking kinda pitiful. He was hot enough (in a big belly Santa Daddy kind of way) so we went into a both where he sucked me for a bit, we played with each other's nipples, and kissed a little. I wanted to sample more so I cut him off; he seemed okay but disappointed. At one point, a guy was jerking off watching guys fuck women. I asked if he needed help; he answered yes. I went down on him for a couple of minutes until he came in my mouth. He thanked me, dressed, and left.

So a big beefy guy came in, 30s, shaved head and overweight from not working out as much as he used to. But he was hot. We were in adjacent booths at first, but he was very self-conscious with other guys walking around. When we were alone, he let me touch him and suck him a little. I could tell he was really turned on by just me touching his skin, his chest and back under his clothes. At one point, he got spooked and walked off.

I caught up with him in the theater on one side, sort of secluded from the other side. He stood by the entry, and I just sat and waited. He reached down and touched my hand so tenderly. I have to admit, I felt a bit sorry for him. He seemed like a straight guy who really longs for the touch of a man but was raised in such a way and in such a family that it would never fly (or at least, that's his perception). I moved over and he sat down next to me, and we just cuddled and petted for about fifteen minutes. We kissed a bit as well, and I just ran my hands all over his back, chest (over and under his shirt), his head, his cheeks. He rubbed my chest and legs. It seemed we'd run our course and we were just hugging to say goodbye and he kissed me deeply, deeper than he had, He rubbed me up and down my back while standing over me and pulled my head into his chest. Then he pulled down his sweatpants, hard and ready. I sucked his nice and thick cock for just a minute or two before he shot his huge load in my mouth, and I sucked until he pulled away. He patted my shoulder, pulled up his pants, and bolted. I know that feeling, that post-cum thing where your mind is more lucid than it's been for the whole day, and everything is either perfect or completely wrong. Probably why he ran.

Oddly, I was going to swallow (which I don't do much of) as he watched, but he left so quickly, I decided to spit anyway.

28th July 2013

12:21am: In the city tonight to see a show, sun just going down, I was talking to my friends outside of the theater and a cute guy walked buy. He was a bit of a ginger, though more brown than red. He wore a t-shirt and those shiny athletic-type shorts, and flip flops. I looked at him, and he returned the the glance as he walked by. When he had passed, I watched as he pulled his shorts up tight to show off his ass to me, and he kept walking.

Was that a sign? Should I have followed him to a bathroom somewhere, where he would have led me into a far stall, and went down to lube up my cock with his spit after I pulled it out? And then I would have turned him around and fucked his has raw until I came, pouring my cum into his gut, and then he'd turn and clean off my cock before I left to rejoin my friends?

Did I miss a major opportunity tonight?

22nd June 2012

12:26am: Bookstore.

Theater was sparce, two guys on opposite sides wanking. One motioned for me to come over, so I did. Stood over him and he sucked me a little bit. Then a hot daddy came in, short but fine, and stood opposite, just watching. I motioned him over and he stood as I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his briefs to show his decent cock... not too long, somewhat thick. He stroked himself hard, and I went down on my knees and sucked him, for a long time. Like ten minutes straight. The guy who'd been sucking me must have wanted some, and he kept tapping the back of my head. I didn't budge, so he eventually got pissed and left. Anyway, the daddy pinched my nipples hard as I sucked him, that got me going. He stood me up and turned me around and told me to jerk off in the mirror (which is relatively new in the place). I did as he pressed his cock up against my ass and fucked my crack. He put a good bit of spit and slid it up and down. I so easily could have bent over and let him stick it in like that... probably would have let him if he had started moving it down to my hole. But he didn't, and he just fucked my crack. Finally I turned to him and asked him what he wanted to do. He said whatever. I asked if he had condoms, he said no. I told him I'd let him fuck me, but he said, "I don't think I can, I just dropped a load in that guy's mouth before you got here." (referring to the queen who stormed out) So I thanked him for giving me a workout. He left, and I jerked off in the back of the theater, alone.

6th March 2011

2:12am: I'm insane.

Tonight, via taxi, I went to the club with two friends, a straight couple I'm very fond of. She dances; he doesn't. That was fine, he stood off to the side with the jackets while she and I danced like fools.

Adorable, emo sort guy, blond with beard, glasses, black hoodie and jeans, Chucks. He was dancing with his female friends but it was clear he wanted to strut his stuff and kept dancing over to me and my friend, occasionally getting a little more than close with the dancing. Especially with me. I liked his dancing. He was fucking hot, in fact, and when my friend told me it was time to go because they had to get home to the babysitter, I did not want to leave. But I did.

Took a cab, hung out at their place for a half hour because they were so concerned I was not okay to drive, which I totally was, then left (about 11:30).

What do I do? Drive to the club, paid nearly 20 to park so I could go dance some more with the blond guy. I really wanted to dance with him more. I don't know if I wanted to do more. I supposed I would have wanted to if I got to dance with him more, but I really just wanted to dance with him some more.

I walk into the bar and head to the dance floor. Who passes me? The blond guy, being lead by the hand, by a guy, out of the club. I'm not sure if he saw me or not; he did seem slightly trashed. What did I do? I circled the place for a few minutes, went back to my car, and went home.

These are not things a responsible 40-year-old married person does.

18th August 2009

11:19am: i don't usually do black guys, but i was at the bookstore the other night and that was all there was. he wasn't horsehung, which is fine with me because i don't like it if his cock is too big to suck. but as i sucked this guy, he played with my nipples as rough as i've ever felt, and i loved it. fucking amazing. he did this thing where he pinched them between two fingers and then flicked them with his thumb; that drove me nuts (and i've been trying to do it on myself at home now). i took his load in my mouth, but it didn't taste good at all, so i spit (usually do anyway). then i jerked off. nips hurt still, four days later, but who care? i actually like feeling the tug there when i move a certain way. shoots a straight line to my cock and gives me a stiffie.

27th March 2009

8:36pm: Found this online, thought it was hot.

Not safe for workCollapse )

15th March 2009

11:18pm: I'm still bookstoring it, for the most part. I don't have much time to entertain at home, and my one regular moved out of the area, unfortunately.

So bookstore today, where I sucked off an older Italian guy (and I mean Italian from Italy) while I played with his ass. I also sucked off a blue-collar type guy who wasn't really my type, but he had a rock-hard cock. They tag-teamed my mouth for a few minutes, and when Jeff was ready to cum, the Italian guy and I took his load, swapped it, took more, swapped again. With that, he plunged his cock into my throat and shot his load. Very hot. I jerked of a few minutes later, which I hadn't planned to do.

12th November 2008

11:32pm: The first time I really swallowed was in a bookstore. I had taken loads from my boyfriends previously a couple times, but I never liked it.

I was probably 21 or 22 years old. In the bookstore, I picked a booth with a hole and waited. The man who came into the adjoining stall was either a security guard or a law enforcement officer. He was tall and muscular and I could tell he had dark hair. He wasn't wearing a piece, but he took out his own piece and put it through the hole. It was beautiful and cut, about 7". I sucked him for about five minutes until he came. Up to that point, when I sucked guys in bookstores, I stopped as they came and let them squirt on the floor. For whatever reason, when this guy gave the indication (I don't remember if it was the touch, the grunt, or whatnot), I kept sucking, and he filled my mouth with the most delicious cum I could have imagined. I sucked him dry, and he zipped up and left. I took two more loads that day, and swallowed them both.

Today, I don't swallow much, though I'll take it in the mouth. I've heard conflicting info about swallowing; Dr. Drew, who I generally respect, says not to swallow due to increased risk of HIV, but at least two or three guys I know say they have always swallowed and still haven't tested positive. One guy said he has swallowed what must be an Olympic-sized pool's worth of cum without serious incident. I do treat myself occasionally to a load.

15th September 2007

11:27pm: I haven't reported completely my recent activities. Not much worth reporting.

Today, though, went to the bookstore. Ordinarily not thrilling. First guy was only interested in whacking me off through the hole. Then he felt the notch I have on my prick, which is scar tissue from jerking off too much as a kid (true!) and figured it was a wart or something, and he bolted.

The second guy, though. He was a 30-ish, computer geek type, cute. Went into the booth while I was playing the video game. Left that to go to him. He took out his cock and gave it to me to suck. It was the perfect length for me to throat without choking me. He fucked my mouth for a bit, I sucked him for a few minutes. Suddenly, he exploded in my mouth. I mean it; he coated the back of my throat like I've never felt before, so much so I had to swallow immediately whether I wanted to or not. So when he finished his huge load, I just swallowed the rest. Don't usually swallow, but once in a while. This was that once in a while. After he came, he teased me with his still semi-hard cock for a few more minutes, then gave me a thumb's up and left.

Next guy was a short hairy Italian guy. We did stroked each other a bit, though I wanted him to suck me and he didn't seem into it. So I sucked him instead. His cock was a teeny bit bigger, but I sucked him okay without choking. He came after a few minutes, and I jerked off with his cock in my mouth.

Eh, not bad. That middle guy, though... that was a trip!

12th August 2007

4:01pm: Last night at the bookstore...
A red-collar type man in a booth, jerking. I stepped in, got on my knees and started to suck him. He had a rock-hard cock, thick-ish and not too long. I sucked him for a few minutes, then a few minutes more. A third guy, a queeny sort but attractive, came in and started caressing the first man, playing with his ass. The first man had his eyes closed most of the time and moaned quietly during all of this. He took out the third guy's cock, a real thick one, and I sucked them both for quite a few minutes waiting for a load. I sucked more and waited. Nothing. At one point, the first man started jerking madly and the third guy played with his ass; at the same time, the third guy fucked my mouth nicely for quite a few minutes. I went back to sucking the first man, and the third guy got behind him and mock fucked him. After a few minutes, he went to actually fucking him, nice and deep. I felt him going in and out with my finger, pressed the base of the guy's hole. The first guy just moaned quietly and pressed himself farther back on the third guy's cock. Then the third guy came inside of him, after which he pulled out. I sucked him for a moment or two before I licked the first man's ass. Then I stood up, dropped my pants (they had been on the whole time), and lubed my cock up with spit. I shoved it into the first man's ass as he continued his quiet moaning. His eyes were still closed the whole time. The third guy continued to watch as I sat down and the first man rode my cock up and down for about a minute before I exploded inside of him. Once I slipped out, the third guy left, and I got dressed and left as well.

10th June 2007

1:47am: Bookstore, where else? (my work schedule is really cramping my style...)

There was a couple, and daddy and son, tonight. He was in his 40s, reminded me of actor Liev Schreiber. His boy was a handsome black man with a huge cock. I sucked them both off to completion. Daddy has one of those cocks that bends the wrong way and it kept choking me. The boy was so big I could barely get my mouth around it. But it was hot nonetheless.

After that, a chub came in, misunderstanding when I said "suck" that I was looking to get sucked, not suck him. But suck him I did, and he came quickly, thankfully. He wasn't unattractive, and I don't mind heavy guys if they're clean. He did chat me up quite a bit, asked me where I lived, worked, etc. I cuddled with him a few minutes; he seemed like he needed it, and I'm all for making guys feel good.

After that, just jerked off watching the vids and headed home.

20th May 2007

5:02pm: Back to the bookstore again today. First I met an uncut older guy, he had a foreign accent - Italian, I think - and huge balls. Nice sized cock. He started by sucking me. Then another guy came in, mid-age, okay looking. He took out his cock, so I sucked them both. We all ended up sucking each other, kissing, fondling. When i grabbed the Italian guy by the balls and squeezed while sucking, he shot nearly instantly. Then I sucked the other guy off and had both loads in my mouth. (Didn't swallow, though.)

The second guy was Russ, and he let me suck him a bit more after even though he was extra-sensitive at that point. He kept telling me I was hot. Feels good.

Later, there were two hot guys in one booth, but they didn't want company. Yet another hot guy came in and tried to get with them, but they were like, "See that other guy." So he did. I sucked him long and hard - nice sized cock and balls, cock ring, very tight, muscular chest. He was enjoying pounding my throat and my hands squeezing his ass. He also liked watching me jerk myself off.

It took him quite a few minutes, so eventually he jerked himself until he was ready, and I sucked it out of him. Again, didn't swallow. After he dressed (not including the dirty camisole someone had left on the floor - ew!) and left, I jerked off.
12:20am: Bookstore tonight. Again. Yay.

Actually, met a nice guy named Anthony (or say he says), probably in his early 40s, little thick in the middle, but I don't mind that. He took long enough to come in, after cruising past a few times. Then it was talk, talk, talk. He had an HRC t-shirt which was cool.

OH, the sex. So we stroked off, played with nipples, necked a bit, I sucked him off, offered him his load back, but he didn't want it. I swallwed it. Afterwards, he was all weird about walking out. I asked him if he had a boyfriend, he said no. He asked me if I did, and I said yes. He looked so disappointed. Then he told me I was being bad, and I said, "I know." Then he hugged me, and we held each other for a minute or two, which is unusual, but felt okay.

After Tony left, I let an older guy come in and suck me off. Eh. Could have held out for better, but I was tired and wanted to get out of there.

13th May 2007

9:19pm: I saw this red-haired guy in the supermarket today. He apparently didn't recognize me, as I stood next to him in the bagged salad section of produce. It was definitely him.

Perhaps he did recognize me and chose not to acknowledge for fear of being stalked. Or, he recognized me but, unlike me, did not wish to cross the line that you walk over when you leave a bookstore - which is basically the equivalent of "Don't ask, don't tell." Or, he didn't recognize me because he's so full of himself, which is a possibility, and I was just a receptacle to him.

I can live with either of those options. But a wink or nod or an, "Oh, hey!" would have been cool. I'm not looking for anything else.

6th May 2007

1:18am: i was thinking about this recently...

About ten years ago, when chat was relatively new, I met a guy on Yahoo or AOL (can't remember) and we planned to meet. He said he was looking to try water sports, which I hadn't done either but was ready to try. He invited me over but warned me about his roommate, who was bitchy but harmless, and how the guy would be there when I got there (not to participate, but he lived there).

So I drove to the guy's apartment, went up to the door, and knocked. A voice said, "Come in," so I entered. There was a guy sitting at a computer, and I said hey. He looked over and said hi, looked away, and did a double take on me. This was the roommate. The guy I was hooking up with then came out of his room, saw me, and said - surprised, relieved, and apparently amazed - "Hi!" He later told me his roommate always had some smart remark to make to his tricks, but the guy said nothing to me.

I'm not sure what he/they were expecting, but I was a young, good looking guy. They were very surprised apparently.

Anyway, just to give you a taste, we tried some piss play in the tub, just golden showers, though I did taste his, my first. After that, I fucked him and then sucked him off. He also wanted to give me more piss and ended up getting it right in my eye. It was more funny than annoying or anything.

I never saw that guy again, unfortunately. We were both bottoms, really. I fucked him, but I come so quickly, it wasn't a thrill for either of us. Still, I'll never forget him, since his piss was the first I tasted, aside from my own.

15th April 2007

2:17am: Bookstore this evening.

Tall guy in his late 40s, early 50s. Cock ring to stay hard, but nice cock, and awesome kisser. He sucked me longer than I usually go, probably because I jerked off this morning. But I mainly sucked him until he came. Nice.

Then a redheaded guy my age came in, asked if there had been any action. Asked me to blow him; I said yes (didn't want to hang out much longer). Sucked him slowly per his instructions, rubbed his cock on my stubble and balls, which drove him nuts. He pinched my nipples nice and hard while I sucked him, too. Then I ate his ass for a few minutes - sweet and clean it was, so fucking hot. Fingered him for a bit, then sucked him some more before I asked for his load. "You tired?" he asked. "A little," I said. Not so much of sucking, but tired in general. It was late and I wanted to go home to bed. So he jerked off in my mouth and gave me about 2 1/2 loads worth. Not that I'm complaining. Was a nice treat, though I didn't swallow. I left a huge wad on the floor, though, for them to clean up later.

Much worth it.

11th March 2007

4:08am: ATM
Went to the bookstore tonight. Sometimes, once in a while, it's worth it.

First I sucked off this bear with a big belly. He had a small prick, but it's good Karma. He came quickly too, which was a godsend.

Then it seemed like forever before anyone else came it. It was a redhead trucker type, nice looking. We went into a booth and he sucked me first for a few minutes until he got me close. Then I sucked him until he came. He really worked my throat nicely with his average-size, which is fine with me; I'm not into the huge-ass choker cocks. I swallowed his load, which is not something I usually do, but I told myself I deserve a treat once in a while, so... gulp. It was great.

After he left, I waited a couple minutes. Then a short Guido with a goatee came in, t-shirt, sweatpants and cap. We went to a booth, and we played with each other for a little bit. Then he sucked me, again until I was ready to cum. Then I sucked him for a few minutes. He started licking my neck, and next thing I knew we were french kissing like crazy. The dollar ran out, so I turned around to put more in. He started feeling my ass so I dropped my pants. Next thing I knew, he was lubing me up and fingering me, which was fucking hot as hell. I wanted it so bad, too. He stuck it in - slid right in - and I was like, "oh hellz yeah!" He fucked me for about a minute and jerked me off, but I stopped him when I got close. He pulled out and I thought he was mad, but he was ready to cum. I got down and took it, sucked it out of him. SO good. (Didn't swallow this time, though.) I figured he'd pull up and leave, but he started stroking me again. I figured I had lucked out until that point, so I better just let go and let him finish me, so he did... jerked me off until I shot the wad all over the wall. That was very cool; usually guys just run, but I guess he doesn't have opportunity to get out much (seemed like a straight guy). I said to him, "That rocked!" He agreed.

25th February 2007

6:35pm: Couple weeks ago, I met a hot daddy on gay.com. Well, he wasn't hot, but average and had a nice cock and was muscular with that little bit of extra weight that I find very sexy. So I sucked him first, he throated me nicely for a while before he put me on the bed and fucked my ass from behind long and hard. A good ten minutes later, he looked and needed to clean up, so we got in the shower. I sucked him dry, then jerked off with his cock in my mouth and him pinching my nipples.

Today I went to the bookstore. Yawn. There was one guy I think was looking to suck, but got tired of waiting and went into a stall. I followed him in and we played with each other a bit before I sucked him. He had one of those angular pricks but to the right, not up or down. Anyway, as I sucked him this other guy kept looking in. He had been in the hall with his fly down just walking around, and when I approached him in a booth acted disinterested. So suddenly he acted like he wanted to get sucked and started taking it out, but then stopped and wentaway. This freaked out the guy I was sucking, and he pulled away and zipped up. That was it. I watched the vids until the time ran out, stood in the hall for a few more minutes, but it was slim pickings today. Left unsated.

22nd January 2007

5:49pm: I just got the results of my first HIV test ever. It was negative.

24th September 2006

5:19pm: Went to the bookstore today. Started with a 40-something married guy in a booth, fondling and touching mostly. He was quite a tease. He let join us a younger, dark-haired guy with glasses that I eyed up in the hallway. Soon the two of us gravitated toward each other, and the older guy slipped away, though he wasn't mad. The young guy, with nice hairy body and back, and I necked seriously and heavy petted for a couple minutes, and I sucked him for a while; he had a nice size to him, just rubbed the back of my throat without choking me. The older guy kept popping back to fondle us for a second and left again. Then this old man came and started staring. He didn't get the arm-in-the-way gesture, and it was freaking out the young guy so he buttoned up and left. I tried to button up and the old guy started grabbing my chest. I was like, "Excuse me!" and shoved him away. He stood there staring like he didn't get it, so I left him there. The young guy was apparently pissed off and ended up leaving shortly before we could find another booth (the place was so packed today for some reason). I ended up sucking the married guy off to completion while I jerked off and came.

Could have been worse, though I wanted to get fucked. Dammit.

9th July 2006

10:44pm: Went to the bookstore today. First sucked off a redhead with beard, about 50 years old. Nice cock, long enough to throat and not gag too much. That was about five minutes for him to cum. Then I sucked a Hispanic guy, about 30 or so on the chunky side but handsome and not fat (like the old men wandering around the place). His cock was almost exactly the same size. I let him throat me a bit more and pulled back as he came to take the load in my mouth rather than down my gullet. (Still not swallowing per Dr. Drew.)

Waited a few minutes. Another older guy came in, in his 50s, married, chubby but proportioned. He was hung, nice fat cock. Oddly enough, as I sucked him and he throated me, something about how fat it was being in my mouth made it easier for me; I gagged less. But he didn't want to cum quickly, so I only sucked him a minute or two, then went into another booth and just jerked off to the porn.

Later, at the gym, I hoped to see some action in the steamroom, but the place was dead today. I just jerked off again and hit the shower.

16th June 2006

1:20am: Eh.

Went to the bookstore to scratch the itch again. Sucked of one bearish guy in the theater; he was very nice, stroked my hair while I went down on him. Very vanilla, but like ice cream...

The couple of other guys I thought were hot apparently didn't think I was, and gave me the slip. Ended up letting an aging queen suck me off in a booth. Have to admit he had a soft mouth...

12th June 2006

2:59pm: Had a need, so I went to the bookstore. Just got home now. This takes place in one booth with a glory hole almost, but not quite, the size of my head.

First guy was an older daddy type, dark hair and nice chiseled face. He had a short but fat cock that dripped pre-cum almost nonstop. I sucked him most of the way, he sucked me a bit, then he jerked off in my mouth. Nice.

The next guy was a skinny but tight blue-collar type guy with a shaved head. He let me unzip him and stroke him through his briefs, very hot. Then he pulled his shorts down and BOING! He had about nine inches of nice, thick cock. I'm not a size queen, but I wanted my lips around that. He wouldn't let me, though. He teased me with his balls and the bottom of his shaft while he jerked off. At one point, he let me lick up the length and then stuck his finger in my mouth, which is sucked willingly. Then he turned around and teased me with his ass. He backed it up to the wall very slowly, until I was able to tongue his hole nicely. Then he turned around and was already shooting, which I grabbed just a bit of to taste. He shot a big load, too, and though I wish it were all mine, I can't say I feel bad about being teased like that. It was fun and hot. He's probably one of those "straight" guys who feels as long as a man doesn't actually go down on his cock, he's still straight. Either way, it was good. And I still didn't cum yet.

8th June 2006

11:23am: I did a guy at a local cruising spot last night. The weather was bleak all week, and it was about 10 pm so the place was basically desserted. He rode up on a bicycle and chatted me up a bit, even asked how old I am (it must have been really dark for him to do that). He was Indian or Pakistani, which really isn't a turn on for me, but he was all right looking. We went off to a very secluded spot where I sucked him off for a few minutes. He asked to see mine, so I took it out and showed it to him. Then he let me finish him off, and that was it. I wasn't looking for recip.
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