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Went to the bookstore tonight. Sometimes, once in a while, it's worth it.

First I sucked off this bear with a big belly. He had a small prick, but it's good Karma. He came quickly too, which was a godsend.

Then it seemed like forever before anyone else came it. It was a redhead trucker type, nice looking. We went into a booth and he sucked me first for a few minutes until he got me close. Then I sucked him until he came. He really worked my throat nicely with his average-size, which is fine with me; I'm not into the huge-ass choker cocks. I swallowed his load, which is not something I usually do, but I told myself I deserve a treat once in a while, so... gulp. It was great.

After he left, I waited a couple minutes. Then a short Guido with a goatee came in, t-shirt, sweatpants and cap. We went to a booth, and we played with each other for a little bit. Then he sucked me, again until I was ready to cum. Then I sucked him for a few minutes. He started licking my neck, and next thing I knew we were french kissing like crazy. The dollar ran out, so I turned around to put more in. He started feeling my ass so I dropped my pants. Next thing I knew, he was lubing me up and fingering me, which was fucking hot as hell. I wanted it so bad, too. He stuck it in - slid right in - and I was like, "oh hellz yeah!" He fucked me for about a minute and jerked me off, but I stopped him when I got close. He pulled out and I thought he was mad, but he was ready to cum. I got down and took it, sucked it out of him. SO good. (Didn't swallow this time, though.) I figured he'd pull up and leave, but he started stroking me again. I figured I had lucked out until that point, so I better just let go and let him finish me, so he did... jerked me off until I shot the wad all over the wall. That was very cool; usually guys just run, but I guess he doesn't have opportunity to get out much (seemed like a straight guy). I said to him, "That rocked!" He agreed.
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