loathsomedirt (loathsomedirt) wrote,

Last night at the bookstore...

A red-collar type man in a booth, jerking. I stepped in, got on my knees and started to suck him. He had a rock-hard cock, thick-ish and not too long. I sucked him for a few minutes, then a few minutes more. A third guy, a queeny sort but attractive, came in and started caressing the first man, playing with his ass. The first man had his eyes closed most of the time and moaned quietly during all of this. He took out the third guy's cock, a real thick one, and I sucked them both for quite a few minutes waiting for a load. I sucked more and waited. Nothing. At one point, the first man started jerking madly and the third guy played with his ass; at the same time, the third guy fucked my mouth nicely for quite a few minutes. I went back to sucking the first man, and the third guy got behind him and mock fucked him. After a few minutes, he went to actually fucking him, nice and deep. I felt him going in and out with my finger, pressed the base of the guy's hole. The first guy just moaned quietly and pressed himself farther back on the third guy's cock. Then the third guy came inside of him, after which he pulled out. I sucked him for a moment or two before I licked the first man's ass. Then I stood up, dropped my pants (they had been on the whole time), and lubed my cock up with spit. I shoved it into the first man's ass as he continued his quiet moaning. His eyes were still closed the whole time. The third guy continued to watch as I sat down and the first man rode my cock up and down for about a minute before I exploded inside of him. Once I slipped out, the third guy left, and I got dressed and left as well.
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